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Firefighter Grant Ellerbe

Grant Ellerbe was sworn in as a member of the Auburn Fire Rescue Department in July of 2018. This is his first fire service job and was previously working as a Paramedic for a private Ambulance company based out of Hudson, MA.

Grant currently serves as a Firefighter/Paramedic on Group 2. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy Career Recruit Class #257. Grant is also a graduate from Pro EMS in Cambridge, MA where he earned his Paramedic certification. He graduated from The Citadel located in Charleston, SC in 2008 where he earned his Bachelors in Business Administration and is currently in pursuit of his Masters in Public Administration from Anna Maria College.

He has served in the Army as an Infantryman and the Navy attached to the Sea Bees where he had the distinct honor of serving as an active duty member of the Honor Guard for the state of Massachusetts. Grant is the Coordinator for the department's Honor Guard and is interested in becoming a SWAT Medic in the future.