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District 7 Regional Technical Rescue Team

District 7 Logo

The Auburn Fire Rescue Department is a member of the District 7 Regional Technical Rescue Team. Established in 2011 the team is made up of members and equipment from various communities within the district. The Auburn Fire Rescue Department supplies one heavy rescue and six certified technician and operational level members. The Regional Technical Rescue Team is comprised of 50 members from within District 7. The team has year round capabilities and hosts a variety of advanced equipment. The team covers a number of significant size commercial occupancies that have confined space and technical rescue needs throughout the district. The Chief of Department serves as a member of the Technical Rescue Committee which is the policy setting body for the Regional Technical Rescue Team. One of Auburns Firefighter/Paramedics also serves as the Training Coordinator for the Regional Team.

Technical Rescue Team Members assigned from Auburn

Jon Martin - Training Coordinator
Kim O'Brien - Squad Leader
Scott Davis
Adam Rivers
Kimberly O'Brien
Ovi Ticlea
Jon Yursha
Skylar Stafford

Tank TRT Training May 17, 2015

Wind Turbine 11/1/14