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Division of Professional Standards

As a professional public safety agency, the Fire Rescue Department and its employees are held to a higher standard of integrity than the community it serves. The department has established the Division of Professional Standards to help maintain this level of integrity and professionalism. All employees are subject to the department's Rules and Regulations and to our Code of Conduct.

The Division of Professional Standards wants to hear from citizen's when our employees go above and beyond your expectations as well as when our services did not meet your expectations. The Professional Standards Office will respond to any credible information concerning misconduct by department employees, and is charged with the responsibility of investigating any serious allegations of misconduct involving an employee. Through the use of various investigative techniques, the Professional Standards Office gathers the necessary information needed to determine the truth surrounding an allegation. The employee's rights are important and are protected through any investigation, along with the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation itself.

The Division of Professional Standards has a variety of responsibilities, mostly involving department policy and those issues with legal involvement. The Professional Standards Office handles all policy issues, including but not limited to maintenance and revision of AFRD policies and procedures and serves as the department's legal liaison. It also is involved with the applicant review process when new candidates are hired, administers the firefighter light-duty program, and is the departmental contact for questions involving Public Records Requests.

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