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Department Profile

The Auburn Massachusetts Fire-Rescue Department provides Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services to the Town of Auburn. A suburban community located in Worcester County, Auburn is 16.4 sq. miles and has a permanent population of 16,474. A large commercial and industrial base along with five major highways that include Routes 12, 20, 290, 395 and the Mass Turnpike make for an estimated daytime population of 50,000 people and produce approximately 3,000 calls for service annually. The Town is protected from two fire stations that house 3 Engines, 1 Tower Ladder, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Rescue Pumper, 1 Brush Truck and 3 Ambulances. The department consists of 31 full time members and 10 paid on call firefighters.

Mission Statement

We are committed to provide effective emergency services and prevention through education and employee excellence with compassion and respect.

Vision Statement

As a department it is our vision that we; Deliver a high level of service that exceeds our customers' expectations. Promote the personal and professional growth of our members. Minimize the impact of disasters through prevention efforts including inspections, code enforcement, pre-fire planning, and disaster planning. Provide education to our community in the areas of fire safety and emergency medical services. Stand ready to support and assist other public safety organizations in accomplishing their missions.

Guiding Principles

Regardless of rank we; Are honest with each other at all times. Listen to each other, even at times of disagreement. Support and protect each other through teamwork. Cooperate to solve problems in a positive manner. Attend to our customers' needs above all else. Make decisions when we comfortably feel they meet legal, ethical, logical and safety criteria.


The administrative staff includes the Chief of Department and all non-firefighting personnel. Non-firefighting personnel include the Administrative Secretary, department Medical Director, and the department's Fire Chaplain. The Chief of Department oversees all aspects of the department and it's personnel. The Administrative Secretary handles the issuing of all department permits and book keeping of the operating budget. The Chief and Administrative Secretary are available during normal business hours. The Chief is also available on-call for any emergencies the department may respond to. All other members are available on-call for emergencies or at the department's request. The Medical Director, an Emergency Room Physician at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center oversees the clinical aspects of the department's emergency medical services. The department Fire Chaplain provides spiritual and/or emotional support to both victims and personnel, as well as their friends and families.

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Special Operations


Operational Overview Report

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Department HIPPA Regulations

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
(Except Major Holidays)
Business Phone: 508-832-7800
Fax Phone: 508-832-5280

Administrative Secretary, Maureen Borowski


Fire suppression is one of the department's major functions. The fire suppression division encompasses any activities related to the suppression and extinguishment of any type of fire. Under the supervision of an Assistant Chief or Captain who serves as the shift commander and a Lieutenant assigned to station 2 the department operates four engines, a tower, forestry unit and a heavy rescue from two stations. Two of the engines are specialty apparatus, serving as an engine/heavy rescue (Rescue 2) and an engine/tanker (Engine 2). Headquarters and Station 2 are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All department members, both career and call, can be recalled by order of the shift commander for any fire suppression emergencies. The Assistant Chief and each Captain and Lieutenant are assigned a division of the department and is responsible for it's oversight. The divisions that the Captain's and Lieutenant's are responsible for are Facilities Maintenance, Fleet & Equipment Maintenance, Emergency Medical Services and residential fire inspections including 26f, 26f 1/2 and 527 CMR 1.00. In addition to the inspections the Assistant Chief is responsible for some administrative duties such as scheduling, records management and issued equipment.


The fire prevention division within the Bureau of Community Risk Reduction encompasses all educational and code enforcement activities and also includes fire investigations. Two career Captains are assigned as Fire Prevention Officers, with an office located at Station 2 on West St. The Fire Prevention Office oversees all code enforcement activities, is directly responsible for all commercial and residential inspections, and also serves as the department's Fire Investigator. An additional career Captain also assists as an Assistant Fire Investigator. A career Lieutenant serves as the S.A.F.E. (Student/Senior Awareness of Fire Education) Coordinator and coordinates all public educational activities. The Administrative Secretary located at Headquarters, is responsible for the issuing of all permits.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Emergency Medical Services Division accounts for the majority of the Auburn Fire Rescue Department's activities. Currently, the majority of calls for emergency assistance in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are medical related in nature. Two paramedic level ambulances are staffed around the clock by Firefighter/EMS providers with 1 ambulance staffed at each station to ensure a quicker response to any area of town. These ambulances are also available to provide mutual aid assistance to the surrounding communities if necessary.

The EMS Division is overseen by the Assistant Chief who serves as the EMS Coordinator and a career Firefighter who serves as the Advanced Life Support (ALS) Coordinator and supports EMS education. All career members must be certified, at the minimum, to the EMT-Basic level. Several career members are also either EMT-Advanced or EMT-Paramedics. All call members, are at a minimum, certified as first responders. Additionally, all department members are trained in automobile extrication, and several members are trained in technical rescue.

EMS Certification Levels

EMT-Basic - Initial level of training and an EMT can give some basic medications and use a defibrillator.

EMT-Advanced - Can use advanced airway devices and initiate IV therapy.

EMT-Paramedic - Can also use advanced airway devices and initiate IV therapy. They also are able to administer over 20 different life saving medications, use cardiac monitoring and the use of non-invasive airway devices.


Rev. Doug Geeze

The Fire Rescue Department Chaplain provides spiritual and emotional support to Firefighters and their family members whenever necessary. This service is extended to the citizens of Auburn when they become victims of fire, medical emergency or natural disaster.

Department Chaplains are professionals who are available to respond to emergencies on a 24 hour basis. They are able to provide counseling, tend to the sick and injured, comfort the grieving and are often trained in the delivery of Critical Incident Stress Management Skills.

They are present at major incidents, training sessions, memorials, social events, public functions and as part of the team in the fire station.

The Auburn Fire Rescue Department Chaplain is also a member of the Mass Corp. of Fire Chaplains. To learn more about the role of a fire department chaplain visit